Much Of Survival Is Common Sense

If you are depending on the mobility of your car to make a living it may be a good Idea to make it as cost effective as possible. We have been indowed by our creator with the intelligence to think out side of the box. I am making this research public because better men than I have been killed by the world’s governments for this information. Make it free and the motivation is not there to end my life.

I call this project “Rogue”. Due to the unique nature of the finished project. Much of this has already been done to a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder.

Electric Motor

Megnetic Power Source

Experiment 1

Problem 1

I need to figure out how much power it will take to get the electric motor going.

How to switch out a combustion engin for an electric motor.

All Wheel Steering And Modifications To Suspension:

I am working on an electro-megetic breaking system to reduce ware on the breaks.

Steering Models:


2 responses to “Much Of Survival Is Common Sense”

  1. In case people have not figured it out I am doing this research to make it so my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder never needs gas or a battery charge.


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