The Prizrak Walks

The Prizrak or Ghost in English is an urban legend that started to put fear into the darkest parts of the Russian community  in West Vancouver. Since 1945 tails of the dark figure that may have inspired  the DC comics  story  behind Batman has spread throughout the Russian community.

Prizrak has always been said to be dressed in a black cloak. Even today the whip, sword and bow and arrows have never been replaced with a gun. But even the more respected community members have at least heard the stories.

Some say that he rides in on horse back. Others say he rides a motorcycle. But more recently people claim he drives an SUV.

But no matter what Prizrak (The Ghost) may be using for transportation the fact is that when ever people start claiming to have seen him some one is gift wrapped for the police or maybe just helped out on the road they travel. I realized last night that I unknowingly took the mantle on myself.


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