The Biggest Mistakes People Make About Consealment.

There are a lot of mistakes people make when trying to use camouflage. A big one is the idea that one color pattern will work everywhere.

Camouflage has less to do with patterns of color than patterns of what is in the would around you. You want to look for textures that would absorb or refract light away from the eye that is looking at what you are trying to hide. This can be done by using colors that are commonly found in the environment you are a part of. If you are in an urban environment green BDUs are going to stand out like a sore thumb. On the other hand, greys with different textures that are common in the city such as sharp angles and ruffled textures to mimic asphalt and brick will be more successful in hiding your presence.

This is my Pathfinder in the first stages of its camouflage evolution. The paint was brushed on to keep in texture. As you can see it blends in to the asphalt. But I soon realized there was more that was needed.

You see the advantage of the paint job is only there at night when parked, but the disadvantage far out weigh the advantage. In other words a camouflage or a flat plant job that is not similar to every other car that is on the road stands out like a sore thumb. Not to mention people seem to want to run into your car when you are on the road. So I have to come up with a way to blend into the shadows when parked up still be highly visible to other drivers when on the road.

The solution was as clear as clear coat or rather metallic iridescent material paint. In the first stages I know this would work because everything that I would put on the car would vanish under the right circumstances. But I new this technique would take multiple stages and some trial and error.

The idea is to make the vehicle look like urban tagging. So people wouldn’t think twice about what they see in the daylight.

Howevery the vehicle would still stand out in higher class neighborhoods. I am not sure that there is a way around that. But I am not giving up. You may have also noticed that the rim’s are still standing out. This is because the vehicle must be finished to be able to tie the wheels in. Much of this project is also about artistic talent aswell.

However if you make note of the of way the paint blends in after dark, you would see the importance of choosing the right paint.

Now may be a good time to remind my readers why hiding your vehicle is so important to your survival out here on the streets. Just incase you didn’t know, camping on public land is illegal in most cases. If you can hide your vehicle you can sleep without being arrested.

But this technique takes planning, training and money. The pain I am using is $20.00 a can. The truck bed liner costed $70.00 a can. And you need to find a place to work. This might be why so few homeless Americans take steps to be left alone.

There are some basic rules to follow to create a working Camo paint job that works.

1.) Never assume that one kind of pattern will work for everything.

2.) Always look for ways to break up both large and small sections of pattern. Being random is your friend.

3.) Always remember that texture is more important than color.

The car completely vanished once it was parked in the shadows. It is important to understand why camouflage works to be able to use it. I use this vehicle to make deliveries in and park my car anywhere in the city and take a napp.


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