The Corona Virus Was China Declaring War on the Free World.

We have all heard the fear mongering and the political leadership of ever nation that China knowing sent infected citizens into. But few are talking about the clear and present danger.

Son Sui wrote in the art of wat the a warrior must first fight the enemy where the enemy is not. So a strategic solution for China would be to weaken the enemy while we still think of her as a friend. Solution send thousands of her infected citizens into the free world with a highly invasive pathogen in there blood to weaken the enemies of communism before an attack.

If this sounds fimilular it should Rome would fling plague infected bodies over the walls to break a siege. But for some reason the elected government buttons never read a histy book. Just a warning welcome to the early day of world war three.

Why else would the enffected be concentrated in the free world?

I believe  that we are in the last days and the war between  good and evil has become  a physical war.

Stop hording toilet paper and start lard to service. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.


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