CorVid-19 Has Costed More Than Freedom!

President Trump’s REGULATORS, are fully deputized members of the US Marshal Service. Their name comes from the legendary Lincoln County Regulators, or just the Regulators, who were an American Old West deputized posse that fought in the Lincoln County War in New Mexico.

The unit’s primary mission is to help local law enforcement combat human trafficking pipelines on our nation’s highways. Although few people realize that this elite group of men and women exist, since Trump commissioned the unit in 2016, the numbers of trafficking incidents has drop by 60%

But with the shutdown because of Corona, unemployment has reached its highest in American history and trafficking has gone on the rise thanks to the desperate need that people find themselves in.

Law enforcement can only do so much. Please protect yourself by only going to work for people you trust. Make sure that your HR paperwork is complete and you have copies. Also if your coworkers are complaining about not getting paid. They are more likely working off a debt that can never be repaid because the rules change in the middle of the game. They have been enslaved in their own debts.

A good example is all the unjust fear behind the Corona Virus.

George Washington warned that a democratic government will only work until the sheep get spooked. After that Marshal Law must be implemented to avoid the unjust government from being over run by the Mob. We don’t need a check from the government we don’t need, never have needed and never will need a government in the first place. What we do need is God to govern over our lives, every step of the way.

If you are insecure about the state of our present world you are not alone. But many of us have learned to trust in the freedom the Christ’s blood has bought for all of us. If you go to this link Sunday morning at 10:00 AM, I believe you will find the same peace that Christ shared with his Appostalsals.

My people have a code the every child learns to live by. In the words of those who came before us…

“Это я. Я полностью привержен воле Агнца, который был убит. Это я. Я свободен, сделан так кровью Иисуса Христа.”

It sounds so much better in Russian but to roughly translate into English it means…

“This is Me. I am committed in full to the will of the Lamb that was slain. This is Me. I am free, made so by the blood of Jesus Christ.”

The Gypsys culture that I come from, thinks that nothing, is more sacred than the Freedom that was won for us on Calvary’s hill. If any Man tries to take that freedom the act is met with a primitive yet effective solution. You have to buy back my slavery with the same amount of your blood that was spilled out on Calvary. I am willing to die for my freedom and I sure many other Americans out there are just as ticked off that our government has restricted our movement we cannot even go to work in many cases and our neighbors are losing their homes because of lies about another Virus that is designed by liberals to steal our rights.

If more people trusted that God has their backs, less women would be forced into prostitution and less men would be forced into debt bandage. As a result the REGULATORS would no longer be needed.

I was born and raised to be an Anarchist. Yet I am conflicted daily due to the fact that I work for the same government I was raised the hate. But this unjustified fear mongering and economic shutdown just proves to me that the only government that can every work is centered on the word of God. I don’t believe Corona is really. From there you can fill in the blanks.


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