What Does Life On The Streets look like With Everything Shutdown Because Of Corona?

Resently I got a new job. Luckily it is a job that is considered essential to the future of our community. That word makes me think that maybe our government puts less value on people the same way they do jobs. But that is a subject for another time.

In this article I want to talk about the systematic removal of services and available equipment that keep the homeless clean and healthy. So maybe this is the article where I expose the truth of how our government views the homeless.

Parked in front of me as I am writing this article is a Semi with a sleeper cab. This one is own by a large corporation but many of the independant drivers live in there truck yet they are the backbone of America’s economy. They serve a vital role in keeping food on our tables. Yet many of us don’t think twice about them.

On the other side of the coin during this Corona Virus scam, a used car salesman is said to play a vital role as well as porn shops and weed stores, yet the guys who make the concrete barriers that help keep our freeways safe and the warehouses that stock the trucks to supply food to the rest of us are out of work. This crap makes me think our election need to start with an IQ test. Anything below 200 disqualifies you from the race. Sorry in advance to the Desperates.

All kidding aside or was I? No matter, back to the point. The homeless depend on restaurants and other stores to use the restroom and keep clean. But Laundry Matt’s are shutdown and buffets are closed.

With these places closed the homeless have it much harder during this Corona crap I am going to be living in my car and sending money to my Dad for rent. I feel that once again I can offer some insight as to how to overcome some challenges.

For my a challenge off hand will be charging up my phone and other things. I am going to buy a gas generator because in the NW the solar chargers don’t really work. You not have enough constant sunlight.

But this time around I don’t have the Luxury of bookstore and restaurant to sit and charge my phone. Also I am going to need to find my alarm clock. You see I still work full time. If you want to support me in this venue please share this article and others.


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