America’s Truck Drivers Are Being Treated Like Homeless Americans.

When the government shut down public restrooms in response to what I believe is nothing more than another political propaganda war on an election year, they attacked America’s truck drivers who are essential to putting food and toilet paper to America’s stores.

These men and women of our Highways are being forced to eat crap like chips and candy because the trucks can’t fit through the drive through. In short they face all of the problems that the homeless face daily. If you want to help bring this problem up to your Governor and if he or she doesn’t listen shoot it in the head.

The URL above is just one article that supports this concern.

The question that I have is what will normal be in light of the end of this Corona crap? Why are we taking this bug so far when we have already been through similar stuff in the past. Yes people are dying but that fact is no different than with normal life, so why?


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