Things Aren’t Always As They Seem.

This week President Trump started to fight back against the Liberal Establishment. If you ask me this should have happened from day one. But unfortunately Trump don’t fallow through with his threat made before his election to put Hillary in jail, if he was elected.

From my standpoint this showed a weakness that the Liberal Establishment has been exploiting since 2016. Unfortunately the Trump administration has been made a mockery of by the left wing social terrorists with one propaganda attack after another.

First the Anti-Trump riots that followed Trump’s Victory in 2016, only foreshadowed a long train of tyrannical behavior exhibited by the Leftest social terrorists. Without rehatching history a brief summary of this behavior may be appropriate.

Thanks to Obama-Gate, the world now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Mainstream Press, the FBI and anyone who identifies as a Democrat can not and as far as in my lifetime never could be trusted. So a new agency has spun off of the US Marshall Service to take up the work that the FBI can no longer be trusted with.

Regulators mount up!

But Obama-Gate now must include the UN Agenda 21 which destroy the local economic landscape to introduce a need for one currency. This is why the World Health Organization along with the CDC have been blowing up numbers to make Covid-19 seem worse than it is. After all the brain dead Liberal Scum want or think they want this lockdown to go on forever.

I personally don’t think Covid-19 has ever been anything other than a power play. The video below shows how people are already being scammed thanks to an irrational fear of death on the part of the MARK, yeah sorry the Liberal consumer.

But like I said you can’t trust the media. However I do trust common sense. Alax Jones believes that the Liberal Scum are intentionally destroying the US Dollar to help further their evil agenda.

The Social Terrorist AKA Speaker of the House Nancy Patricia Pelosi, has gone on record to say that she believes an extension on the economic lockdown would insure that Donald John Trump would not be reelected. Well her plan might be working according to this next video.

History does repeat itself. The Dems failed with the impeachment, there was no Russian collusion. The whistleblower was a joke. So now the Dems are overlooking the fact that China attacked us with a Biological Weapon that we call Covid-19 and praise China for how they handled their pandemic when we should be bombing China. In retaliation for an act of war.

As I said history repeats itself. Just as the FBI lost favor with Trump: a royal ordinance issued by King Louis Philippe of France on March 9, 1831 with aim of bolstering the strength of the French Army while also finding a use for the influx of refugees inundating France at the time. The Foreign Legion subsequently found a permanent home in the ranks of the French military. But what only a few living legionnaires will tell you is that the Musketeers could no longer be trusted to protect the king. So he hired foreign nationals. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? We are on the edge of Revolution and the Left has no chance of winning “for no power is given to you but by God” and no people who is willing to kill an unborn child and keep a murderer alive will ever find favor with God.

If you want to survive what is to come, you need God on your side. You can’t have that, until you come to Jesus.


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