Freedom Is Found At The Cross.

With this fake virus that was used as an excuse to destroy our economy for political leverage on the part of the Democratic social terrorists that we call the Left, many people became angry. Myself included.

I was raised with the idea that Freedom is more sacred than Life. So I watched people loose their jobs and their homes and even their self respect and be fine with it because “people are dieing” and to submit to this inconvenience created by an unjust and unholy alliance between Satin and the Nephilim who we know as the Far Left,  just turned my stomach.

We were told that “Congress shall make no law regarding institutions of religion,” and no one is above the law, that is unless you are a Liberal trying everything you can to get Trump out of office (The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America). I was told my entire life that it is my obligation to take the life of anyone who tries to take away my freedom without me having committed a capital crime.

So the whole time these Liberal Scum-eaters have our economy shut down so their States can finally see a positive revenue stream because they don’t know how to manage their taxes, I am studying the blueprints of all 50 capital buildings. I am stocking up on ammunition and learning everything I can about my enemies. I am reading their medical records so I can figure out how to make their executions look like an accidental or naturaI death. I was planning to wage a one-man war against these Liberal hippocrates who have no issue saving the life of a convicted murder but killing their own unborn child is another story. Who are these idiots that accused Christians of not caring about people dieing of natural causes when they have the blood of millions on their own hands?

But last night I had an epiphany. “Freedom is found at the foot of the cross.” The music from the theme song from the “Greatest Showman” ran through my head. This is Me!


I started to write as fast as I could to get this inspiration on to paper. These were the words that I came up with.

I see fire at the cross.

Я вижу огонь на кресте.

It sets me free, you see in spite of all I’ve done.

Это освобождает меня, понимаете, несмотря на все, что я сделал.

With his blood I am washed clean and with these words you to can be.

Его кровью я вымыта, и с этими словами ты можешь быть.

Lord I am sorry for my past,

Господи, я прошу прощения за мое прошлое,

but say the words,

но скажи слова,

and I know

и я знаю

I’m made new.

Я сделан новым.

My soul was hanging

Моя душа висела

on the edge of a knife,

на краю ножа,

when I fell at your cross

когда я упал на твой крест

and I swore

и я поклялся

a new fight.

новый бой

In no way is this story new,

Эта история ни в коем случае не нова,

for this plot

для этого сюжета

is old as time.

стар как время

But in the end I know this mush is true,

Но в конце концов я знаю, что это правда,

I am free

я свободен

I am free

я свободен

through the blood of the of Jesus Christ.

через кровь Иисуса Христа.

I love the church that I belong too. Jesus changed my life. Hate fore these murdering scum is just but until they try to take my freedom directly I will just prepare for the day that the Ghost must walk again. Only than will their bloodlines be hunted for 1000 generations.

Потому что я ангел смерти


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