Happy Memorial Day

Six months ago I was bussing tables and trying to make ends meet with Postmates. Now through an incredible turn of events I now command an Active Response Team for the US Marshall Service.

Trust me when I say this has been an interesting transition. I still drive for Postmates on my days off and I find it rewarding for more than the money that I make.

I just delivered about $500.00 worth of groceries to a family that wasn’t expecting it. I was just the Postmates driver but the notes told me to tell the adults that everything was taken care of and that Jesus loves you them. Both parents have been out of work since day one of this Covid-19 scam and never got a stimulus check. It is good to see people looking out for one another. It is stories like this that make Postmates worth doing.

I would recommend Postmates for someone that wants to suplament their income. If you want to sign up please use my referral code when you do.

When you become a Postmates driver you could qualify for a promotion that guarantees you will make at least $800 for your first 100 deliveries in Portland. Use code FL-antolic or here is a link: https://pmfleet.app.link/DPuWHFTzM6

Now that I got the shameless promotion out of the way, let me get back on track.

This is Memorial Day. This is the day that we honor the countless men and women from around the world, who paid the ultimate sacrifice so Scum like Nancy Pelosi have the freedom to prove on a daily basis that she has never had the intelligence to run anything. This is the day that we thank those who lived while their brothers fell fighting for the rights and freedoms that our Liberal Establishment loves to try and take away from us.

On this day I apologise to the families of our countless honored dead for thousands of years. I apologise because my generation doesn’t deserve to keep the freedom that your sacrifices had won for us.

I say this because my generation seems to want to thank the tyrannical government who stole our rights and freedoms all in the name I’m saving lives while pissing on the graves of those who had already died for those freedoms. For this reason I believe that no Liberal no Democrat and no Rhino has a right to call themselves an American. for this reason I am ashamed of our generation, for by standing by and doing nothing we allowing this to happen and I sincerely apologize to every family member that has survived. The families of our honored dead should be offened be the way the Liberal Establishment has enjoyed destroying our freedoms along with our economy.

I am sorry. But now it is time to fight back! Patriots arm yourselves and be willing to die for the course. We will take back our economy, and our freedom. For no power is given into the accept by God. If we raise up the power is lost to the elect. Thomas Jefferson says in the second paragraph of the Declaration of War against England, “That whenever any Form of Government
becomes destructive of these ends (the right to life, liberty, and prosperity, it is the Right of the People to alter through ection or to abolish through revolution to establish a new Guard,” Election has failed! Patriots you are being called to Arms!


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