What Happened To Covid-19

Have you noticed that with the death of George Floyd, Covid-19 seems to have disappeared?

Hello my call sign is Rogue. I work in Law Enforcement and I think it is time to speak out about the endless BS that the press feeds us. For example 2 days ago a protests over the unjustified death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Started talk of refunding the police.

Thousands of people we are told blocked the streets in a peaceful protest demanding justice for the death of yet another back man by a cop that was more than likely paid off to commit murder by the Democrats.

You see all Democrats thinks it is ok to commit murder as long as it serves their agenda. But is it true or is CNN using the same old footage to breed fear over and over again?

If the American dream is going to survive, we must face the truth, that the press loves nothing more than to lie to the American people to minipulate the masses. The Left wants to refund cops because all Democrats are criminals in there own right. They talk about how black lives matter but they are willing to murder their own child.

Locking down the country never had anything to do with saving lives, but the states that have done it are financial black holes that are run by Anti-American social terrorist Governors who want nothing more than to see Trump out of office. Impeachment didn’t work covid-19 didn’t work so they hired antifa, black lives matter and other groups to destroy store fronts and potential jobs for the people that would be voting for them it is no accident that these storefronts happened to be located in predominantly liberal neighborhoods.

Covid-19 was only a political weapon, a hoax infatuated by the left, an elaborate lie and will be proven to be so at the end of these riots when there is no Spike in covid-19 infections. Now let’s talk about racism.

Planned Parenthood was initially started by the KKK the first clinics were built in predominantly black neighborhoods for the purpose of lowering the black population in America. The Democratic party was founded by the Ku Klux Klan. This party of far left Social terrorist extremist have proven over and over again to be nothing more than an extension of their roots and hatred, they manipulate minority groups, into believing that the party are working for their benefit yet the only ones that benefit are the captains of industry.

Think about how our current economy is structured. Industry has minipulated women into believing that they belong in the workforce. Now a home loan is base on the income of both the husband and wife. Just think what would happen if all woman opted to get married and stay home and raise children. God forbid, industry would loose half of their work force. So do I half to tell you who gains the most in the short term? The answer is simple, big business.

Big business had a lot to gain from the out cry of the feminists, the pro-choice movement, and yes even Covid-19. During this shut down business have learned to operate with less staff and much more efficiently. With a female employee having an abortion business owners don’t have to deal with a single mom trying to find child care. So who do you think funds planned Parenthood? Do you feel minipulated yet?

The humanist nature of the Democrats will always lean towards evil for such is their nature.


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