Why Are Liberal Leaders Letting Protesters Occupy American Cities?

12:00 PM yesterday my boss tells us that we finally have permission to use force to break the siege lines in Seattle. It would have been so easy, blow up a barricade or 10 and launch sleeping gas into the crowd. Restrain them all and arrest them as prisoners of war. That’s right war. You see in 2001 President George W. Bush declared war on terrorism. This year Trump declared antifa officially as a terrorist group the war on terrorism has never ended meaning antifa is officially in enemy of the State so it becomes a military jurisdiction.

The problem is that the Left treat them like herros and let them run amuck. However the fact that we are still at war means that the Governor’s don’t have jurisdiction when deciding how to deal with antifa. But this is an election year and Trump is playing the games along with the Liberal Scum in Washington state.

If the occupied lands are given to the terrorist group, people living on the streets will not have the protection of law enforcement. So it is in the best interest of all involved that doesn’t have agenda to destroy American culture that the siege is broken. The plan was to just drive through and run over anything and anyone who got in our way. It is fool proof but people seem to forget that these same people who are screeming about how black lives matter, consistently vote for the woman’s right to murder her own child. This protests is not about life it is about seizing power before the election. These people are traitors and should go before a firing squad.

Just like Covid-19 was clearly a biological and economic act of war on China’s part against the free world the Left is using George Floyd as a rally cry to further their agenda. If you look at the map of where Covid-19 first broke out there can be no question as to wether or not Covid-19 was a modern siege break used by China to get a head of the world economicly.

Yet the Left praise China for how they handled the situation?

The Lockdown failed the Leftest to get rid of Trump, so now they are using protests and riots to put him into a no win situation. My team and I are in Seattle today to rid an American city of a Marxist terrorist faction that is hell-bent on destroying America. Politics will be involved but personally I believe that every one of these people should be shot! Who cares about police brutality at this point these people have already shown that lives don’t matter. We’ve seen on television, we’ve seen even on CNN how they are beating people down for just not agreeing with them putting them in the hospital even in the grave. We need to be rid of these people and I realize that the left-wing doesn’t like capital punishment, but that’s because they’re all criminals anyway and they’re afraid that the sentence will come back on them. But if they don’t behave like this they wouldn’t have to worry about it huh!

We are planning to drive full speed through the crowd. I call it bowling for zombies. If the want to live they will get out of the way. Our cars will be traveling at over 200 mph at the point of impact and we will be flashing our lights to let them know the we are cops. The vehicles we drive are better than level 3 bullet proof and they are built to stop a Semi or smash through a barricade. Politics aside it is time that antifa realizes that they are on a suicide mission.

If it were up to me, I would be arresting every liberal leader that has done nothing to help the police and even told them to stand down. They should be charged as accomplices to every charge that has occurred during these riots, such vandalism, destruction of property, assault and even murder. Do you get the point. No one is above the law. I need to get to work and if I get the chance I will be arresting Seattle’s Mayor today, she will be going before the federal supreme court for these changes. Time to get to work.


4 responses to “Why Are Liberal Leaders Letting Protesters Occupy American Cities?”

  1. We drove through the barricades without the hitch. The local police arrested 400 people but the got put back out on the streets only to reclaim the zone. We can’t win this war without getting rid of liberal leadership.

    I so want to arrest the Mayor.


  2. My boss is calling us back because this effort was another waist of resources. I hate Liberals.


  3. I doubt this event will even be talked about in the press. None of the others have been. But we did win back the ground until politics took over.


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