Defend The Police?

In recent days and even weeks we have seen senseless violence on the streets. Protestors are claiming it is about Racism and bad cops. But let’s see what the Dems would loose if you defund the police?

The Democratic Liberal Establishment has always wanted to disarm their neighbors so they can go into their neighbors homes and steal everything they own in challenged. Remember the liberal party has always been the largest criminal element in America. They organized to steal the wages of the working man and give it to worthless parasites that refuse to get jobs. Remember  “Thow shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15). They are responsible for the countless deaths of children for decades and in today’s world the Liberal Establishment Leaders should be held responsible for the actions of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other organizations who have held our country hostage.

The Riots after the cop was paid by Pelosi to kill George Floyd, showed that the Liberal Establishment has no concern for anyone but their own selfish desires. Black Lives don’t matter if another black man took the life, as we saw last weekend in Seattle and a few other cities. But we shouldn’t be surprised after all these same protestors stand their ground at pro-choice railies. So if these people are willing to kill their own child the truth is “No Life Matters” to them.

Outside of the hypocrisy that we see with the social terrorist bitching about Donald Trump holding a rally due to covid-19 as if their protest didn’t offer the same threat, the idea of defunding law enforcement means that the Left looses ground on gun control. You see without the police, no one will keep anyone from buying guns. And let’s get this cleared up right now! Just because liberals Scum doesn’t want you to own a gun doesn’t mean those guns will not be out there. So all the time spent trying to weaken the 2nd Amendment is put in the trash with defunding Police. With no one to enforce the rules the rules don’t exist.

I love the Idea because I have wanted to open fire on Liberals from the day I was born. From my point of viewLiberals are bullies, they are all criminals, they respect no one’s rights, and gladly give up their rights to see others suffer. So hunting zombies seems like the only way to win back our freedom.

The truth is the only reason these protestors have any courage at all is because they know the police wouldn’t drive through them. But without an agency to enforce consequences there would be nothing stopping me from running over riotors.

This fake courage that drives this mob needs to be broken. I have spend my youth helping the homeless population of my hometown. With no police presence visible the streets become a war zone. You may not like what a few bad apples have done, but I have bought a newly homeless teen girl who has aged out of the system a meal, a motel room and found her a job, do she wouldn’t be in danger of being trafficked. This was out of my own pocket but this is the mind set that is shared by most LEO’s. We are not all bad.


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