A Hard Day At Work

A year ago today, I was living in my car. I tried to convince myself that I had total control over the situation, but the truth was I was in at tail spin. The longer I was out on the streets the harder it was to keep my goals of working my way off the streets and out of my car. I needed hope.

One night I needed to use a restroom.  I was walking down the street when I heard Christian music being sung. I was drawn to the music and a man named Joe invited me in. “After service we are having a potluck, you are welcome to stick around.” Joe encouraged me to sit down.  I was eating one meal every three days, so I was hungry.

A year later I went from working of jobs to commanding an active response team for the Western Washington District of the US Marshall Service. God has blessed me, that much I know.

Our unit, no the entire project is an experiment. The US Justice Department refers to our project as Regulators. Like the men we are named from, Regulators are fully deputized agents that are meant to right injustice.

We do work in Counter Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Dug Enforcement and what ever else we are asked to do. So no two days are alike.

I started this blog around the time that I moved into my apartment. The idea originally was and I guest still is to teach others how to survive on the streets. But now I have a broader prospective from before I wore a badge.

Now I have to correct people and tell them that is never a good idea to resist arrest. Don’t point anything that could be mistaken for a gun at a cop. I would still open my door to a homeless person and try to help him or her  as best as I can given the circumstances. But the best advice I can give is be as independent as possible and never clan up.

Most of the Men and Women who we rescued from Traffickers were sold by their clan or street family. Also if you are single and homeless, stay single, for the same reasons that you don’t want to Clan up. But most important of all is, keep to a routine.

Your routine could mean the difference between life and death. The people who care about you. If you stick to a routine. people will know something is wrong, if you don’t.


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