We All Must Take Responsibility For Our Neighbors.

“Am I my brother’s keeper” (Genesis 4:9)?

When Cain killed Able he posed a question to God that is realivant even today. With all the civil unrest that we see in the news, this question’s answer is a powerful testimony as to the State of our nation’s collective consciousness.

In fact an article published  on Feb 8, 2012,05:27pm EST, titled

“Dear President Obama: I’m Only My Brother’s Keeper If My Brother Is My Sheep” written by Jerry Bowyer Former Fobes Contributor,

Reminds us that much of what we think of as acuate is misquoted.

Barack Obama - 2008
and much of these missquotes are coming from the far left.

There are lots of things that people think are in the Bible, but really are not. For example, “God helps those who help themselves” is not there, nor is “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” There are some things, however, which are in the Bible, but so terribly mangled as to distort their meaning almost completely; for example, “Money is the root of all evil” is a misquote of the much more sensible, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

The reason I bring this up is because the media and the education system in America has been doing the world a disservice by intentionally giving out misinformation to their charge. Trump calls this “Fake News.” But in truth it is not less than social terrorism.

Today I ran into a homeless couple who wanted to ask about my church. I was more than happy to feed them and introduce them to some of the members at an outreach. I gave them a card with our meeting times and got a chance to talk to them myself.

We talked about lies that many will believe just because they’re not doing the work to learn the truth for themselves.

In Seattle in the area that was known as “CHOP”  or [Capital Hill Occupied Protest] people got shot and at least one person was killed. This was black on black crime, but “Black Lives Matter?” This is an example of the Liberal Establishment working overtime to confuse the issues. You see if Black Lives really do matter they would not be killing they unborn children or shooting each other.

But the protesters only represent 1/5 of the problem. You see the police like military take an oath to fallow every lawful order. So the fact that they did not arrest the Mayor for giving the order to stand down means and they intended to complying with the order. As a result every member of the Seattle Police Force that was on duty during these riots should be held accountable for every act of vandalism, assault, rape and murder. After all we are responsible for the man next to us. Further more every member of the Democratic party should be held responsible for the acts of the protesters. If I had my way everyone who is a registered member of the Demestic Social Terrorist Party should be fined $18,000.00 to pay for the damages that they allowed to happen in America.

On another note we have been lied to from day one about Covid-19. We should or shouldn’t have to wear masks to help stop the spread of this fake virus. Now I am sure that people are getting sick. To me even the fact that people are dying, is not relivant because people are born to die.

On the other hand let’s talk about something that people seem to be  ignoring. Let’s talk about a pattern that should be clear by now.

The global spread of H5N1 influenza in birds is considered a significant pandemic threat. While other H5N1 influenza strains are known, they are significantly different on a genetic level from a recent, highly pathogenic, emergent strain of H5N1, which was able to achieve hitherto unprecedented global spread in 2008. We didn’t shut down and the worst excuse for an American President was elected and he inspired the Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorist groups.

Ebola break out just before the 2016 Presidential Election, yet the WHO knew of it since 2014, when it broke out in West Africa. Only 1000 cases were discovered in America. We didn’t shut down at Trump got elected.

The Dems never wanted Trump in office so they conveniently use a outbreak of a new virus that was created in a Chinese Lab to minipulate the masses in America. So now the year is 2020 and yes there is another fake virus that the Dems or using to try and beat Trump. It has been called Corona, Covid-19, even the Woohan China Virus. So what people die, if you look at Hillary Clinton’s death tool it should be no surprise that the Dems are killing people to get there way.

OK we established a pattern and I didn’t believe in coincidence. Now let’s talk about the aftermaths of the Liberal Establishment shutting down the American economy to quote slow the spread of Covid-19. We were thrust into an economic tailspin because the Dems believe would help remove Trump from office. This is why I call this a fake virus.

You see China also has a rather reliable pattern of behavior every four years starting from the Presidential Election in the USA, Chinese youth begin to protest against their government. In response to these protestors the Chinese Government knowingly unleashes a new plague into the population. The Dems picked up on this practice and it works out for them because the Chinese protests are going off of the American Election schedule.

Now here is where things get interesting. Once one or two people are infected they implement social distancing. This had nothing to do with containment the virus or safety but rather if people are 6′ apart the state can better see a subject handing off a weapon. They make every one ware a mask in public because it identifies the people who are less likely to resist.

Masks are a tool to identify the potential threat in the crowd. Those who are not wearing them or wearing them incorrectly are identified as dissidents.

This information came from a public memo called the Corona Hoax. You can find it on http://www.NSA.gov

I encourage you to read it.


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