What Right Do War Time Prisoners Have in America?

Antifa and the Black Lives Matter Organization have been declared demestic terrorist groups. But what does that mean for the riotors who get arrested?

About two days ago the Liberal Scum buck that calls himself the Mayor of Portland Oregon, admitted that the protests have been getting out out hand and declared the protests unlawful assembly. This may have been partly due to Ted Cruise’s bill to give the local business owners the right, which they should have already had, to sew the cities who’s leader s told police to stand down for damages. It amazes me that these Liberal traitors call themselves American. But back to the point who is a prisoner of war treated in America?

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that in 2001 after 9/11 George W. Bush, declared war or Terrorism. We have been fighting that war ever since. With the act of any form of demestic Terrorism, the individual who has committed the act falls into a different set of rules for how they are treated.

They will not get a chance to talk to a lawyer until after there pending threat has be nutruralized. Meaning the Feds have every right to grab these suspects off the street. They will not be tried in a civilian court room and if found guilty of treason they may be facing the firing squad.

So if you and your friends think in is cool to tip statues and murder business owners, know this you are looking at a minimum of ten years in prison and that is just for vandalism. The military looks at justice through a clean lense and Liberals are not aloud in the court room but as long as the protests are continuing as a potential threat you will be held indefinitely. So yes we will pull people off the streets.


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