What Is The Truth About The Feds In Portland?

We hear about the Demestic and Civil unrest in the liberal run cities and how the Feds are promoting violence. What is the truth: and how does Joe Biden plan to “fundimentaly transform America? We see the disturbing answers to these questions in the behavior of the Democratic party over the past 4 years.

I know first hand that riotors are shooting rubber bullets at us, the Federal Law Enforcement charged with the protection of federal land, monuments and facilities. In fact a local news reporter from Channel 6 told the public that she found rubber bullets on the inside of the fence of one of Portland’s Federal Buildings. Anyone with half a brain would conclude that those rubber bullets that had no casings intacted were fired from outside the fence at the agents protecting the building. But Liberals have their own agenda and it never has anything to do with the truth.

It the case of defunding the police the Liberal Establishment has a clear agenda. For one thing they are complaining Federal agents are in their cities. Well wake up, the Feds have always presence in the major cities of America. But the Liberal Establishment have no control over them, we will not stand down just because a corrupted Mayor tells us too. And we don’t book and release an arrest. I believe that is why the elected Terrorists don’t want is in their cities.

Think about it like this. EVERYTHING THAT THE LEFT HAS DONE TO TRY TO GET RID OF TRUMP HAS FAILED! They don’t have any strong candidate for their party’s agenda and they know that with this being Trump’s second term in office he will not hold back undoing all the damage the Left has done to destroy American Civil Liberties. They are desperate! So it seems to me that America needs a brief recap of the last four years.

The liberals high jack or created a fake virus to grab power! But Americans are bread to rebel against BS. We saw that we are being lied to about Covid-19 and demanded to go back to work.

America is a free country where we are told how to dress?

Then it became clear that the elected liberal terrorists would not stand to have people going back to work, so they paid a hand full of crooked cops to kill the next black man in a public setting to created civil unrest. The next thing we know is the name George Floyd would lead to riots in the Liberal Establishment controlled cities and a rise in black on black crime due to the rally cry “Refund The Police!” But note that no Liberal ever mentioned defunding the Federal Law Enforcement. Why is that?

As a biproduct of the Militant Arm [ANTIFA & BLM] of the modern Demestic Party’s riots a couple in Saint Luis are charged for taking leagaly owned fire arms to protect their lives and property from the riots. This move by a unqualified liberal attorney who falsified evidence to push the Liberal native shows the true intentions of the Documents. If elected they will destroy what is left of our God given Civil Rights!

Earlier this year the Dems created evidence that would be used for the impeachment of Trump, a man that I believe is the only truely democratically elected president in the 46 years I have been alive. No one could believe it but the Dems had riots planned before the election results came out. For mouths we heated the chant ‘NOT MY PRESIDENT!” And saw the fake years of worthless celebraties such as Miley Cyrus all over social media. Now I don’t know if they actually left America but that tells me that they were never missed.

To sum things up, the presidential election of 2020 is no about politics. We are not trying to preserve the history of our country as much as we are trying to preserve the fundimentaly sacred morality that our country was founded on.

Trump has access to technology that can make the green new deal happen but the issue is how many jobs would be lost. To change an economic landscape responsibility takes time. Otherwise the whole economy fails. But ‘Trump only cares about the rich!” I am an anarchist but I don’t appreciate being minipulated by anyone.

For months we have watched, read, and heard about how Black Lives Matter, and more recently how federal agents are inciting viloance. However, in 1830 the KKK was the ANTIFA or rather the Militant arm of the Democratic party. So it seems to me that the Liberals have no room to talk when it comes inciting viloance. Due to the fact the the KkK was started by the Democrats, one might want to ask if Black Lives really do Matter to the Democrats!


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