Cracker Barrel is Racist

In today’s PC world of Woke propaganda where the Left wants to change or destroy American Heritage, one thing standsa out in my mind and screamed hypocritical BS! The name of the popular restaurant chain, “Cracker Barrel,” is a racist term used by black people in the southern states against white people. The term “Cracker Barrel,” is slang that means:(especially of a philosophy) plain, simple, and unsophisticated. But the word “Cracker,” Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a white person in the South, especially a poor white living in some rural parts of the southeastern U.S.

So why haven’t we seen protests to change this racist name? Is it because White People deserve to be made fun of in the BLM narrative?

The governor of Oregon got some of our Federal Law Enforcement to stand down in Portland, but the anger and rage was just redirected at the Portland PD. Portland’s Police Chief, Chuck Lovell, invited a handful of us back in to support his officers.

The officers are poorly equipped and not trained for this kind of warfare. The first thing we did was give each of the officers welding hoods to better protect them from the laser show that the terrorists have been bringing to the party every night. Then we gave them 50 cases of gas balls that are filled with nitrous oxide. That way the officers can put the rioters to sleep before arresting them. Less violence is always more effective.

I told the chief that we would help him if he agreed to arrest Portland’s Mayor the next time he says “stand down. He agreed and I told him if he doesn’t he will be handcuffed to the mayor and the two of them might see a trial. Personally I would rather give the mayor a bath in sulfuric acid before I ever let him see a judge. But that is just my destain for treasonous Democrats. That fail to do Black Lives Matter as the hate group that they are.

The time is 8:30 pm and the festival of carnage will not start untill 11:30 so we are going home and will be on the road again at 10:30. Arc Angle is on the roof of the rose tower. Rogue 2 and I have hour route drawn out and now it is just waiting. Why can’t we just drop napalm on Portland it seems like it would do America a huge favor.

We also have each member of the Portland PD personal cellphone jammers to protect us from making the news. All can say is it is better for the Regulators to be an urban legend than for the press to have proof we exist. After all it sounds like a comic book when you say that it is easy to hold back 100 men with  1 bullwhip. That is all the press needs, ” a cracker federal agent uses a whip on Black protestors,” Yeah that go over well.

Systememic Racism does happen but more against the white people then any other race. Companies are told to higher a so-called minority that is less qualified before a white male who can be over qualified. These riots are not about George Floyd or equal treatment, this is a power grab.

To all of you brave men and women that are holding that thin blue line, The Regulators have your back. From the East coast to the West, every state has a unit. The Left complains about unmarked cars kidnapping terrorists offf the street. But they all had warrants. Such is the way life works when you declae war against America.


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