The Escape Attempt

Today my team and I were transporting some BLM and ANTIFA terrorist scum to there final destination. I was in the lead care when a blue civic cut us off. I hit the gas and rammed his rear end with the equivalent of 18 tons of force, sandwiching him between me and the car in front.

Arc Angel was flying over head for support and radioed the incident to the Portland PD. The driver gets out of the car and points a gun at me. As he approached me I rolled down my bullet proof window and got my period gun ready. Before he could say anything I unloaded all for shots of pepper into his face. Then I shot a tazer to get him to let go of the gun. The perp stept back and into on coming traffic and was killed on impact. I guest this black life doesn’t matter because no one is talking about it.

The scene was secured and yet another escape attempt was stopped in its tracks. You would think these idiots would learn some new tricks. Anyway my back hurts I am going to get some sleep.


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