Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 1

The Reason That I Started This Project

The other day a man died on my watch, While I know it was not my fault I still feel responsible for his death. I guess this project is away to reconnect with who God needs me to be and give back to the community.

With the threat of further oppressive rule by Democrats and their green new deal, War is definitely coming. Now is the time to prepare for the worst case.

I told you about the rogue project. And how it has been proven that cars can run without toxic batteries or fossil fuels. Well this is an improvement on Rogue’s design.

The Tahoe uses a motor similar to this design that is found in this video,

The first thing that sets Rogue apart is the power source and this power source is beyond anything that is on the market today. No need for Toxic batteries or even gas to be consumed. So why not convert the car’s power source into a convenient camping generator?

The advantage of such a generator would be an ability to create true independent freedom from a need to be on the public grid even within the city limits. Why put up with inflated energy costs if we don’t have too. The best way to overthrow a corrupt government is to starve them of resources.


Parts list

24  round neodymium magnets rated at 95 pounds hold

Note: The Magnets only come in 12 packs. Only 18 will be used.

1 spool of magnetic copper wire

6 cardboard toilet paper rolls cut in half

1 block of wood 3/8 inch thick x 5 inches wide x 7 inches long

6 Philip’s head screws that come with the magnets

Tools Needed for assembly of this stage

A 3/32 inch drill bit

A Philip’s head drill bit

A Volt Ohms Meter

Note: No soldering is needed at this time. But a hot glue gun will be needed.

6 of the magnets are spaced out just in range of the other magnets. When the force of the magnets next to the one you are placing starts to push back that is where you want to screws down the magnet you are placing. But be careful the force of the magnets shot one of them out of my hand and it put a hole in the drywall of my bedroom.

Because the first power output is 220 v and the usage output is 110 v, we need to put in a step down circuit. I want to keep the 220 incse it is needed for a washer, dryer, or oven. Remember we are preparing for the worst case scenario that the Liberal Dictators get to push their Green New Deal. War is on the wind and we must be ready.

As this project unfolds Regulator Units from all 50 states are taking the time to educate the public about how to overthrow Biden’s Dictatorship if he is elected. Many us believe that the Dems are intentionally throwing this election to fuel the hatred for the independent America that Trump is fighting for.

In case you don’t believe me, that Satan’s minions can stoop so low, maybe I should point out that industry benefits the most from the Liberal prostitutes and I am using the term correctly as you will find out if you read on, don’t carry their child to term so they can stay in they work force. On the other side the Liberals pay these breeders to have more kids and stay on welfare. This government pandering to single moms, Forces the father out of the pictures because the government is offering single women with child free living. Not to mention child support from multiple sources. We call this government subsidized prostitution.

You see the Dems are buying vote from multiple generations of welfare recipients. But if we can make it so these families can stay warm without government assistance, cook food without having to ask for handouts, we can be rid of Satan’s party forever.

As this generator is develops we will post more step by step instructions on how to build it. But we will sell them for reasonable rates as well. The Regulators started out as law enforcement to fight against human trafficking but we soon learned that the leaders of the Democrats are the world’s biggest offenders why else do you think that no borders is such a hot topic? Why not they enslave Americans with poor education and a minimum wage trapping them forever in the same hell their parents grew up in!

Thank you for reading and I hope you like what is happening here. If you wish to support is and help us destroy the Democratic party once and for all, tell your friends about us. Please like and subscribe and if you can please buy our products from us or donate to the cause.


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