Plans For A Personal Power Plant: part 2

142.4 Volts DC

The first coil seen in figure 1 was my first attempt. It works but I can do better. The Left is always talking about transparency, well I think the agenda here is clear. To do away with a need for municipal support systems, such as electricity and water.

This base is only set up for 4 coils. Other wise  magnets reject the coil.

I think I might get a higher output with thinner wire but so far the experiment s have been successful. The first one I have over 110 volts of DC.

Because I reached the target range it is now time to build the circuit. This is a simple liniar circuit with 1 resistance cell. The 110 volt outlet is the cell.

Meanwhile, on the home front: my father is demanding more money than I agreed to for rent while hel sits on his computer and runs up the electric bill. My Dad is one of the reasons I am building this power plant.

After making some modifications to make the project more cost effective my 142 volts was reduced to somewhere around 35 volts, once I hooked up the outlet that is looking for 125 volts. But I do have power come from the air around us. Just not enough.

Not enough voltage to work. Lost power in the resistance of the outlet.
The outlet costed $15.00 at harbor freight.

Not that I used a piece of rebar as the ground for the outlet. For now I will build the encasement. Ironically I know it works because I am changing my cellphone as I write this.

I put in a wood separator to keep the positive and negative from being confused.

I want the car to look like it was made for the Potter’s House because it was. This one is being donated to my church.

Pastor Hash has a rustic look to everything in the church, so it seems fitting that the box that powers the sound equipment on stage should share the theme.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bull shit on Youtube that doesn’t work, however, this is one that does.

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