Plans For A Personal Power Plant: part 3

The power source is on the first level. The ground and outlet are on the second level. When completed the structure will look like a run down old boat house the East coast of the United States of America. This should fit nicely with the aesthetic theme of the church.

All the main joining is both glued and lashed with copper wire. And the lashing is connected with the main power grid this boosting output. While giving the structure more strength.

In the meantime, I left the job as you know but still work as a consultant. Today I go to put Rogue 1 to the test as I pulled a loaded semi across the I-5 bridge. So the Vortex drive works perfectly. I love physics. Not even a Liberal can argue with it. God gave us intellect so we can choose the course of our freedom. That is why public schools keep our kids under educated. Remember who the biggest offenders in crimes of human trafficking is and it should be clear as to why devises like this are not already in every home.


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