Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 4

The new addition is another inductor to boost power.

Well I connected the ground to the power source and boosted the power source by 150 volts but I am still not getting the desired output at the outlet. Even if I was getting 110 volts from the outlet plugging something in would drop the voltage.

We need an amplifier to comfacate from the demands on the circuit.

One reason that I feel that most people become slaves to government is that they don’t have the ambition to do the work to meet their own needs without government assistance. Electricity and water are two examples of how the government tries to control us. For example having a barrow in your yard to catch rain can mean a fine in most Democrat run cities.

The Democrats are the world’s biggest and most organized human traffickers. Therefore by default they are the biggest Terrorist organization, which is why we must win this war.

One thing that Seattle did wrong with handling the Autonomous Zone or CHOP was the city should have cut all power and water to the zone because the protesters were never truly independent of their captors. For no one is until they have command over their own resources.

By mastering free energy, one has the control in every situation and has one the war. The Green New Deal that the Dems want to implement is designed to harvest more control over there human livestock and make no mistake the Democrats view all of the working class ass their personal slaves.


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