Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 5

While there is some common since things that I am not writing about like avoiding a short, I have basically given step by step instructions as to how to build this curcuit..

As it stands even without the amplifier, the voltage just keeps rising. This has been a successful expiriment so far. I would like some input if anyone is reading this.

The final test will be in video of me plug in a lamp and turning it on. I will then build the structure around it and give it to my church. No government should have finachel control over resources that God meant to be free for mankind.

I closed up the whole around the outlet and put on the roof that is still drying in the picture. Some gaps have been left for the purpose of letting light out of the structure.
Windows and wholes in the walls will let the lights from flashing LED’s to create the look of fire in the fire place that is not built yet.

Note: I added 4 more induction coils.

Once the power plant is finished it will be able to blend into the basic theme of the Sanctuary. The reason this is so important is that the perception of the seamless power source could be used to show that God is our provider and not our government. Besides if we must have a box why not be creative?

At this point I need to buy more wood. So I am using what I have to make the little details like windows. So far I have spent about or close to $100.00 on this project.

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