The Truth About BLM, Anti-Fa and the Democrats.

A year ago, when I was hired for the Western Washington District as a Regulator I was told that my unit’s job is to help eliminate human trafficking in the Pacific Northwest. What they did not tell me was the worlds most dangerous, largest and most organized group of human traffickers, also happen to be the largest group of home grown terrorists in the world. No I am not talking about Anti-fa or Black Lives Matter. I am talking about the worst group of hate mongers and racist bigots the world has ever known. In case you have been indoctrinated or have been living under a rock, I am of course, referring to the American Cancer known as the Democratic Party.

As Regulators NW patrol I-5 and 205, we track down leads that are given to us by truck drivers, who are the eyes and ears of American’s highways for American Law Enforcement. Only a week into this job I realized why the Liberal scum of American politics want opened boarders. For there is big money in free or under paid labor in industry and the Democrats are the political party of big business rather than the people. They claim that imagination is about human rights but the numbers don’t lie.

About 6 months before I became a Regulator I was working as a temporary worker at a meat parking plant. While I was there I learned that if a worker is complaining about not getting paid, they most likely are a victim of trafficking. You see the fact is that the Dems don’t really want open boarders because that would mean their lobbyist would loose the leveraged control over the illegal workforce.

You see the smoke is just there to look good but in reality the Dems know that illegal immigrants will not go to the authorities about HR issues. And their lobbyists love free labor. While there is an element of forced prostitution the bulk of tracking is about labor. In fact everything the Dems make controversial is about labor.

Before I go on to my next point I need you to understand that the bulk of the Democrats in 1830 we’re active members of the KKK and I would venture to say that the party who has his roots in hate has not changed.

In 1830 the KKK was the militant arm of the Democratic Party. Now the role belongs to groups such as Anti-Fa and BLM. Proof of this is found in the fact that Biden made large donations to the terrorist groups who are commissioned by the party to generate votes by fear.

It is my belief that the cops that killed George Floyd were paid by Pelosi to kill a black man, knowing it would fan some flames. But I can not prove it. What I can prove is the fact that the police union paid one million dollars to each of those men as a severance package after Floyd was murdered. If that doesn’t get your brain moving what will?

Could the fact that the country was starting to open up after 3 months of an unnecessary shut down to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which most of us believe was just an elaborate hoax created by the most organized crime syndicate the world has ever known, had the Dems panicking so they stoked the flames of civil unrest. Claiming that Black Lives Matter while the party intentionally placed abortion clinics in predominantly black neighborhoods to curb the population of Black Americans? The hypocrisy floors me as the bulk of the activists are also seen at Pro-choice events, making a clear statement that no life matters because they are willing to end it before it even begins!

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