Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 6

I have lived in Vancouver Washington on and off all of my life. Gotten married and divorced, you know lived life here. When my job changed I was no longer able to make use of the food allowance that was once available to me. So I drive for Postmates to eat.

Today I made a tip regarding one of the liberal thugs that shot 4 people in the CHOP zone. As I was waiting in the line for the drive through.

After they Washington State Patrol busted the guy I bought them lunch.

I have been working with Mike in the lab more so I have not been on the road as much as I would like to be. It was nice to see these men brought to justice. But now I need to het back to my lab and get some work done. I have a meeting with the Mormon missionaries at 1430.

I am starting from scratch. Some of the boards are in place to hold parts in place while the glue dries.

I learned a lot from the failure of the first attempt. Now it is time to apply it. For one thing, I am going with a simple linear circuit but this design has a built-in on and off switch. The nice thing about this design is the removal of the magnet to turn it off.

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