Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 6

Salvage From A Failure

What parts can I salvage from the first build?

I pulled off all of the magnets and capacitors. For the design, however I will only need 2 magnets and 1 capacitor. What I learned from the first round is invaluable to making this thing not only more efficient but more compact. We are prepared for a civil war but now we must also prepare for rebuilding in the aftermath.

The ideal scenario at the end of the would be a total destination of the evil that is the Democrats. But for now I am sitting outside the church on this mid September Sunday morning waiting for church to start. I left the Potter’s House after getting sick of the hypocrisy of John Gash tell us to live in the world but not be of it, yet he would fallow the unjust guidelines put out but the same people we are fighting every day. The thought of ever doing the bidding of a Democrat sickened me.

The Pastor of the English service starts the service at 9:00. The time is 8:35. In the meantime I am just chilling with Натталя and her daughter Каттиана. The closer I get to these two beautiful angles the more certain I am that I will marry this stubborn gypsy princess.

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