Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 6

After church I went out to drive for Postmates, but that was short lived. I was on my way to pick up my first delivery when I get that all to familiar text from Calvin, “Regulators mount up.” So much for a day off.

I put on my helmet to talk to the boss as I drive to the shop. “Talk to me Kid what is going on?”

Kevin answered back, “Captain Antoliciva, my name is Kevin. I am your communications and dispatch officer. Please don’t call me “Kid!” I will patch you through to Calvin.”

“This is Calvin.”

“Hey boss it is Rogue 1 here. What is going on?

“Hello Captain, sorry to call you in on your day off but we have a situation on I-5 that the State Patrol are not equipped to handle.

“I have only called in you and Carroll.”

“Me and our pilot, something is up.” I thought to myself. I was right Calvin sent us the GPS and when we got there a small army of people and 1 dog we’re there to greet us. The team had put together a small celebration in my honor right there at mile marker 96 on at the rest stop. To think I was just trying to raise some money to buy Hat a ring, well I need to buy more solder for my little project too.

My team want to congratulate on my first big bust a few days ago. I must tell you it was nice to be appreciated.

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