Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 6

The next day before I went to work I stopped by by Andy & Bax who have been our main supplier since our team was put together.

Andy & Bax has been a Portland icon since 1945

But thanks to the Riots that the Liberal scum let happen a family owner business who over the years have donated millions of dollars in outdoor gear to the BSA, homeless support organizations, and local youth programs has been boarded up and closed, they hand just opened up thanks to a the Liberal hoax known as Covid-19.

They never opened again.

It is time for the good people of the NW to take back our homes and our freedom. Let it be known that if liberal scum cross into my doorway uninvited their life belongs to the ground. And for any who ask no I see no value in the live of a liberal. So come my way, I am hungry for liberal blood!

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