Plans For A Personal Power Plant part 6

Today Encon is not working due to Anti-Fa and all the fires they set in the Northwest. People may not have thought off this but there is a burn ban for a reason. Is has not rained in months, so sense Anti-Fa takes pride in acts like the one depicted below, yes logic say many of the fires that are keeping businesses closed are the direct result of the riots.

Sparks from fires such as this one are responsible for uncounted amounts of damage and once again the Democrats are trying to blame Trump for things they have done.

Now the liberal establishment is trying to shut down the economy on the West Coast using the firer that they started as the excuse. I am effected by it like many others. The Regulators are not essential law enforcement so with these fires our salary went to hourly and I am afraid that I will not make rent.

We got sent home today because we had no transports no thanks to the fear of daywalkers. My God please take this hate of Liberals from me before I start going postal on these sperm dumps.

I mean it they don’t acknowledge physical evidence.

This is a still from a forest service field camera. The man is pouring turpentine on the flames. Yeah we have no

I can’t wait to get back to working on the generatotr.

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