The Lies Behind The Mask

Rouge 1 with her finished paint job.
When running a con you need props.

In the state of  Washington a business can get shut down for not enforcing the mask requirements. But 4 minutes after I go into Kings Buffet or any other restaurant in my area I can take my mask off to eat. If the mask is so important to stopping the spread of the China virus called such by the President because he knew all along that the virus now known as Covid-19 was created in a lab Wuhan China and bought by the Democrat party, Vaccine in hand to get rid of Trimp.

Why else do you think the Speaker of the house is not considered about Masks while getting her hair done?

Why is it a Democrat can never take responsibility for their own actions?

The truth is the Democrats have been lying to us so much that people don’t care if people are dying, in fact many of us are saying “show me the bodies.” Because without taking me to the funeral I will never believe a word a Democrat says, about anything. There history is filled with hate and they say Trump is racist! The Republicans never started a hate group like the Neo-Nazis, whose members are 100% Democrat or the KKK or BLM that were both started by the Democrats.

No the Right is a group of God-fearing patriots who don’t break the laws of the land but when provoked and our families safety Is being threatened, we believe that we should have a right to defend ourselves from any and every threat both foreign and domestic. Guest what guys the Democratic Party is out worst domestic threat.

Least night the militant arm of the Democratic Party attacked the Regulators computor network.

We had to protect Portland,’s Federal Court houses.
Peaceful in day light.
But when America is asleep they tear down our history.
Burn cars
Beat police within inches of their lives if not murder them.
And the Left just let these terrorist have their way.

1 year ago, when I first got this job, I met these two amazing women and 3 months later my partner Natalia and I went to the pound and adopted Bosco. Nat’s daughter Kattianna took to the half Shepherd and Malamute female pup.

The reason I bring Nat up is that two nights ago when we realized that Anti-Fa hacked us and our payroll was compromised, we decided to move out of the warehouse and set up in a more secure location. Keep in mind that these journals are meant to be used so we can vent and communicate with other team members. Our team shrink / dirrector thought it was a good idea. But we don’t really know how we were hacked.  I am just saying…

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