God Challenges Us To Make Us Stronger.

Throughout my adult life employment has been a challenge, because of transportation. Now that Rogue is gone and I am in the bus I face similar challenges. Getting to work is never the problem but getting home is.

Vancouver still has a small town mentality, meaning they roll up the side walks and shut down the buses as soon as the sun goes down. How this translate to me is potentially walking from down town Vancouver all the way home and Uber or Lift translates to a $30.00 trip per day. This is not cost effective at all. I am so glad that Wednesday we will be on a plan to South Dakota to put down roots for a family. I hate the liberal mindset that you find within the city limits.

The plan is to use the 15 acres that we are moving to as a year around Christian Youth Retreat. Archery, rock climbing and horse back riding, are already being set up. Hatt is taking in horses that would otherwise be put down for the cause. But donations would always be appreciated.

One thing that working as a Regulator has taught me is that there never will be a justification for being dependant on the municipal power and water grids. The Government doesn’t provide for us God does.

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