Steps To Reclaiming The Republic:

If anyone cares about the integrity of America Democracy click the link and read the post and call the number. Denver Patriots when election fails the only other option is violence let us not come to that. We have God on our side yet Sat is moving into the Whitehouse? Yeah something any right.

Click on this link and follow the instructions  Election Fraud Hotline

Then come back here for more instructions.

  • Start stocking up on non perishable foods and bandages.
  • Keep a bag packed with at the least 3 changes of clothes.
  • Start collecting arms and ammo but be prepared to run out of ammo. Maybe a Bow and Arrows.
  • Call out the Covid-19 hulks. #showmetheboddies
  • Come up with a sustainable power and water source that is not dependant on the local government. #PPP

I suggest that you create an income that is passive so once the fighting starts and it will you have a way to support you and your family. Remember the it is our families that we are fighting for.

I use closed end stocks for a monthly income and an app call public to invest my money. Also if you have a trade build up clients that you can trust and network with them to see if they will join the frey.

I like the public trading platform because you can learn from other investors. In the social media posts.

Every Resistance Fighter must be prepared to die for the cause of freedom, which has been taken away from us with the 2020 Election. So get your house in order. Make sure that your family is taken care of if you fall. If you have have family keep your will and life insurance updated. Make sure people know where the will is kept. And be prepared not to coming back!

The government, and big business has been episode for the corrupt cesspool that they are. Thomas Jefferson warns and commissions us to abolish such a corrupt government to establish a new guard to secure and protect the rights that have been endowed on to every human being by our creator.

The first thing we need to do is attack the company gives our enemy so much power. That company is Time Warner that trades with the symbol (twx). We need to get everyone who is angry about this election to buy as much of the stock as possible and keep buying. When the time is right we will force the price down buy selling everything all at once. At the same time we will physically attack CNN. We will burn the building to the ground and kill everyone inside.

As this is happening we will send an Anonymous message to Biden saying:

“Your party has willfully bankrupted America in the name of a fake Virus. You personally have sold out American interests for your own financial gain, making you a major security risk for America. You will not be aloud to be sworn in, not that a Democrat is capable of upholding the Construction anyway. No Democrat has in the past, concede you victory which you cheeted to achieve or you will have no protection from the Secret Service. This is my personal promise.”

The Ideal situation would be having Nancy pelosi’s head in a basket under the letter. At least then he would take it seriously.

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