Regular Uniform and Equipment

A lot has happened since the days of working with the state patrols, in the liberal states. Our unit is now fully recognized by the Law Enforcement community.

Now we ware a uniform. I am not a fan of this fact but we do seem to be more efficient when people don’t question who we are.

Our raid Jacket is personalized with our individual Rogue number and last name. We no longer identify ourselves by rank.

Raid Jacket Front
Left Side
Right Side

To authenticate the jacket there is a unit specific image embroidery on the inside lining. For Regulators Northwest the image has deep ties to our history.

When our unit was first put together, we essentially were glorified bounty hunters. So our first badge said “Fugitive Recovery.” On the inside of our jackets there is an embroidery of our vehicles and our first badge.

We may put a fan version of the jacket up for sale, to help fund the fight against Human Trafficking.

Now we ware Tac Boots and a military style flight suit.

The Flight Suit has magnetic copper wire woven into it to help create a personal shield when fully suited up.

Unit Patches

Like the jacket Unit Patches are warn on each shoulder. The American flag is warn above the unit patches.

Name Plate

Your name plate is displayed on the right breast.

All patches and unit insignias are attached with velcro.

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