Summary of Plans for the PPP

Just to inform some who is just finding this blog PPP stands for personal power plant. I have step by step instructions to build a PPP yourself on several blog entries. Below is an index of those entries from start to finish.

In February of 2021 Texas had an extreme weather event that left them powerless. I contacted the govenor to given him this link. The Texas event prove that Liberals know nothing about science and are in politics of the money. I give these plans freely to anyone who needs help.

  1. Part 1 Getting Started
  2. Why The Green New Deal Will Not Work
  3. Part 2
  4. Part 3
  5. Part 4
  6. Part 5
  7. Part 6
  8. Part 7 Finishing up the PPP

Instructions On How To Use You PPP

As I was doing my morning work out it occurred to me that an owners manual for the PPP may be necessary for a potential user

The instructions are simple. Put the batteries in place and turn the PPP ON. Now you can plug in your devices.


Keep your PPP dry. It could be a fire hazard if used while wet.


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