Plans For A Personal Power Plant Part 7

As I talked about before the perpetual energy mechanics is a Lie.


To build the working parts of the generator I need to have an exterior design for the box. I am going with a waterwheel. The wheel will spin and create the desired power output. Yet keep with the theme of the prototype.

Because I am building this as modular components the end result should look like a mid evil fishing village, which would fit in with the Porter’s House Stage in Vancouver.

But after that one is working and dispatched, new plans for a more rugged model will be undertaken.

This circuit may not make sense at first but it can change the world.

You can’t be free of government until you are completely living off grid. The CHAZ zones could have been broken up much sooner by turning off the power and water to those city blocks. Because the zones were not independent of the cities in question.

This plan uses a 9 volt rechargable battery to start the system but once it starts it creates its own power until you turn it off. The heat from the system creates condensation that is collected for clean drinking water. But I had another set back.

As I started to reassemble the second version of the prototype. One of the connections came loose. Now I have to find in before I go on.

I learned that the motor it’s self has a short that needs to be replaced. I upgraded the inductor coil after I took the motor out to replace it.

This one coil produces 220 volts on its own.

The external structure of this new assembly is made of PET and ABS plastic. The moisture that gathers while the generator is running is not friends with balsa wood. So build the structure with non porous materials.

This is a simplified version of stage 1.
The magnet turns against the coils increasing the output  yield.

Now that I have the first part of the generator completed, it is time to plan out the next step. At this point I need a multiple chanelle switchboard to direct the power.

I am thinking a way to control speed may help prolong the life of the motor.. We burned up 4 already.

By modularizing the circuit we are hoping to make it easier to fix in the long run.

Everything comes in packs and the the fact that the unit only needs one makes the price well worth it.
It may be more cost effective to do it this way aswell.

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