Proof Of Election Fraud In 2020

My former boss told America that there was or is no proof of Election Fraud! Well that is only true if you are trying not to see it. When this shit started I believed that Covid-19 was a biological attack on the free world but I kept digging. Now I know the truth. It never even existed.

Ok Bill Barr please take the time to show me the bodies of Covid-19’s dead. He can’t because there are none! Covid-19 we made up by the Establishment as the most elaborate huox in American history. It is the first evidence of Evolution Fraud that people looking back must see clearly.

They painted Covid-19 as a Global Pandemic yet people overseas have not seen even a shutdown. I know this because I talk to people who are living all over the world.

The first mentions of Covid-19 was from across enemy lines at CNN, you know the Comunists News Network.  But until CNN first talked about it no one else was. Weird right? It was as if CNN was up to something and they are really good at breading fear in the daywalkers.

About a week after CNN’s break in a fabrication The BBC and China’s new network fallowed suit but according to the narrative Covid-19 came from China so why were they among the last to learn about this deadly virus? Yeah another weird one right? Weird facts about this covid story starting unfolding all over the place leaving conspiracy theorists to believe only one conclusion that covid-19 is indeed made up.

So you have to, why would a left-wing propaganda machine, an American propaganda machine, make up a virus that supposedly came from China. Well the answer lies in previous history the last four elections had a history of China related outbreaks of viruses, so people began to pick up a pattern and we’re almost expecting it. CNN marketed this as if it was doomsday and then it became a nightmare like none I had seen in my lifetime. A thriving economy thanks to Donald Jon Trump, got shut down by liberal terrorists. They used the excuse of Covid-19. Under the guides of keeping people safe because of a they needed to keep the PPE for the first responders in the in the hospitals and other Frontline workers but it was  all a huax. That is right it was all made up.

But to what ends? The Covid-19 huax was used for two purposes. First to breed fear into the inbred sheep of their own party to such a point that would agree to mail in their votes. And second to keep the resistance from organizing. But sorry Dems a true American would never stand for your shit! We are breed to fight. We will never submit to your will or anyone’s, but you took our jobs, tell us where to stand and how to dress and people are to believe that anyone voted for you? That in its self is proof of Election Fraud .

What’s worst they know they fucked up because their claims on lockdown restrictions are all the places we would meet to organize against them. What’s more their restrictions limit meeting in groups. This is no coincidence. But there is no proof of “voter fraud?” This is why Bill Barr was fired.


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