We Need To Amend The Constitution Of The United States of America!

When the General Election of 2020 first happened, like many I wanted revenge. Election Fraud in all of the Battleground States handed the worsted choice to lead America the power to do so. “Hell No!” I thought, “I have to kill him.” But killing Obama 2.0 would not fix the problem although it would be extremely easy to do. My pastor has worried that I might get in trouble talking about killing the Dipshit elect. But how many people got in front of CNN’s camera and told the world, “I hope Trump dies of Covid-19,” or simply I wish Trump was dead.” The fact is Biden had a massive conspiracy going that lasted for a year and manifested in November 3rd, when he Hi-jacked the election, treason is pushable by death and over 2/3 of America believes he is guilty of it. So I challenge Joe Biden to come after me, He already has the county ready to go to war! It is the corruption that runs so deep that America is already on the brink of war with her self, that has me running for Congress. America has been hurting ever since Hillary Clinton paid rioters to distroy Democrat cities after she lost in 2016: and the only president that I have ever proud of took the field from another her.

I think it is important to point out that we know the 2016 riots were staged because none of the rioting was spread to Republican run cities. Instead they just destroyed their own homes. They knew better because the rioter would have been met with guns.

For 4 long years the Liberal Dictators of the press slandered Donald Jon Trump. The Comunists tried everything to get him out of the Whitehouse, claiming Russian collusion and used the narrative to try unsuccessfully to impeach him. That failed so they came up with a plan to get him out of office at the election.

They had been cheating in the general election ever since Al Gore lost to George W. Bush. So they already had everything in place to take the election but the needed an excuse to make last minute changes. So they came up with the Covid-19 which I have proven to be a lie. Each state had their own way of cheating and the used a corrupt third world voting software that was designed to put dictators into office called “Dominion.”

Dominion was already suspect, in fact the Democrats refused to use it in past elections voicing concerns about how easy it would be to manipulate the outcome. But conveniently they wanted Dominion used in the 2020 election because all they had to do was truck boxes of ballads from state to state and recount them over and over again I captured one of those trucks bound for Arizona so I know firsthand that these rumors are not hearsay and I understand that there is a very simple solution to making sure that the 2020 election model will never happen again!

But the problem is the Founding Fathers never foresaw that we would have anything more than the 13 states that they were dealing with at the time of the signing of a decoration of independence. A document Rider with the help of a network of document riders could carry a document from Main or Rhode island all the way to South Carolina on horseback, at a full gallup, in less than 24 hours. Paul Revere proved it. So you see the problem when they said that each state would be responsible for holding their own elections. They didn’t think anything about highways or aircrafts or the ease of the internet getting in the way of the Integrity of the election. So we need an Amendment to the Constitution to make the General Election a federal standard meaning federal law enforcement agents and oversight will be present in every election booth I also want to see instead of a signature a DNA test, finger print, or biometric thermal signature, compared to a database to instantly confirm that this is an American citizen that has a right to vote, conveniently it would also confirm that this person is alive and percent for the vote. No mail in ballots will be permitted ever again. The Democratic Social Terrorists can’t be aloud to cheat ever again.

To further insure that a Democrat is never elected again we must make it illegal for a person who has received any form of welfare from the state within 24 months of the election to be eligible to vote. For this is how the Democrats buy votes. Also if a person comes into America from any country and is not a citizen of America they will not be in the Database so they don’t qualify for any public assistance, public education, work visa, housing, medical or voting rights.

However if they come into America legally they do qualify of a work visa and education. This is so they can latter become a citizen and earn the other rights.

Violations of these standards will be punishable with a mendatory sentence of 60 years in prison. And your credit score will also be permanently at 430 so you can’t get a job, apartment or even a car. This score being permanent may be more of a deterrent than prison because all Democrats are criminals in general. I also need to add that in the video or any reference to killing the Democrats is referring to disbanding the party. However, I am not apposed to a violant revolution if these changes are not made. The Democratic Party is anti American in every way and time and again resorted to violence to pressure people into giving them there way.

My name is Anatole Anatoliciva and I am running for Congress to fix this election problem. Because the integrity of your Election is the foundation of American Freedom. But I need your help I work for the Department of Justice. I am not made of money please donate.


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