Improvise Your Freedom

No one wants a war but 2020 has shown us how corrupt out government is.

My entire life I was toughy that there is no form of government that ultimately will not become your enemy. The Dems will do all that they can to hold their position of power including making up a fake virus, Stealing our Election and destroying our Economy and still think that America would ever elect a Democrat again?

As people wake up to the mass courption that is an infection on both sides, the elected leadership of America are beginning to fear the people. As a result gun rights will be taken from the people putting more power into the hands of tyranny.

However the American people have an advantage that the inbreeding of our leadership have lost. We understand that every weapon in history was invented because a tyrannical government tried to take away the weapons people had at the time. Invention is born by necessity.

While I am running for office to use the law to change things in America for the good of the people. I also have no faith in the election results thanks to the election fraud that is so clear in 2020’s General Election. Therefore I find it necessary to educate the masses in the art of gorilla warfare, because if the republic is too far gone that an election can’t fix it, it is time to fight for our freedom.

I encourage all Patriots to buy a hand held Ham Radio and set it to a frequency that will be changed and announced on this blog when we make the changes. The first frequency has not been agreed on yet. We will tell you on this blog entry when it has been secured.

Urban combat is not the same as bush warfare. You don’t have the resources that would be available outside the cities.

Hey guys running for Congress is not cheap and my unit is looking at being disbanded because of a change in administration but we all agreed to stay on and keep doing what we do out of our own pockets. Donations are more important than ever because when Obama was in office no one could afford to live. No one voted for Biden yet he won? If I can get elected I will work to amend the Constitution so Fraudulent Elections like 2020 will never happen again.

The enemy CHOP zone showed me that we need to be prepared. So I am building a siege proof device that doze make it harder to make the Patriots submit to the ACCP (American Chinese Comunist Party) in other words the Democrats.

Please donate your time and any resources you can spare in these hard times to support the cause of Freedom. I am trying to raise fund to run for Congress, but if we can’t win back the Republic by Election We must establish a new guard.

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