The First Shot Fired

Today is December 21st 2020, conservative protestors assembled for a peaceful protest to open up Oregon after 10 months of Liberal tyranny. The Oregon State Police as well as the Salem PD opened fire on the protest with tear gas. The reason, the protestors tried to enter the capital building to address the state legislature. Now let me get this straight, the building is owned buy the Tax payers and angry tax payers are not allowed to be heard because the governor is afraid that the legislature would agree with them.

My friends this is only the beginning. And to be honest storming the capital should have been started with a bang. Maybe a few dozen cops dead because we already know that the Dems want to whip us off the earth. The second amendment is there because of the Democratic tyranny that always manifests when you give them too much power  that is any and every government should always be looked at as the enemy. I just laughed as my team pulled up to the event and stated handing out gas masks and tear gas launcher to the protestors. Than Ark Angel armed her guns and told the officers, “unless you want to have 1900 rounds of hell fire lighting up your ass you will stop firing at these citizens, buy the way we can end this with one missile.”

I had to tell my Lieutenant to stand down although I wanted so much to see her blow up the Capital with the governor inside. Kate Brown has kept American citizens prisoner with no intent to open up to keep businesses opened. But she showed she never cared about anyone but herself during the civil unrest in the months after the Democrats paid Minneapolis Police Department to kill George Floyd to weaponized black lives matter and the Anti-FA terrorist group to intimidate the lower class of the Democratic Party into doing the parties will.

Any arrest we made was reversed to further the governor’s political agenda. The rioters would be put back on the streets. These were the Governor’s order meaning Kate Brown should be held financially responsible for the damage and losses to the small businesses that had been forced out of business by first unneeded shutdowns  second only to the riots. This behavior is treason. So the protestors had every right to be angry. But why should we be surprised?

Look at how Hunter Biden seems to skate through life and maybe even avoid prosecution. If we don’t call out the hypocrisy from the left out when it happens.

Regulators take an oath to uphold justice and not have a loyalty to any policy or elected officials. This is the reason we play the role of police of the police.


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