Plans For An Electromagnetic Water Collector

Being Environmentally Responsible Is Important!

But making federal regulations that are irresponsible and unenlightened just to feel better about yourself and pretend that you’re helping the environment is definitely not the best game plan!what I am offering is responsible sustainable resources that do not harm our economy or our planet.

One thing that the Left does not like to acknowledge is the biggest offenders of pollution and environmental atrocities happen to be the government, not the individual consumer. The Hoover dam for instance destroyed entire ecosystems with his construction. While it does power a large amount of United States. We really don’t need it! We also don’t need government intervention when it comes to producing power or providing water for our families, that’s what this article is about.

I believe that it is irresponsible for any citizen to believe or count on the government to provide anything for his or her welfare. We are supposed to be self-sufficient and for the government to put themselves in the position to providing for all our needs is only guaranteeing there are control over our freedom.

Using the same plans for the power generator we will use Electrostatic fields to attract the moisture from the air. Part of the reason that we use balsa wood is that it should shore moisture naturally.

PPP Circuit

How do you collect water from the air?

The video above shows that we can collect water from the air. But the system is bulky and runs on fuel. We are planning to use the heat from the PPP Circuit to collect condensation from the air.

The first challenge is to form a water tight case from the recycled ABS sheets that we bought one Amazon. The theory is that the heat that is generated from the circuit will produce condensation that can be harnessed as distilled water.

For the record cutting a circle out of ABS with nothing but a dermatol is no easy feet.
But I did it
Once it was cleaned up I put a whole in the middle.

This will be the moving wheel to create a higher output of energy than we put into it. I talk about this principle in the PPP plans so you may want to go back r review.

In the meantime I have a large project ahead of me and I don’t have a camera man yet. However I have someone in mind. We shall see.

I welded the box with a soldering iron I burned up a tip doing it.

This is the first half of the catch tray. The corner will be welded.

Whenever I work on these projects my father is concerned about fire. So I keep an extinguisher in my room. Well the weld holds water, so we are moving on.

As you can see the weld is ugly so I am buffing it out.
That is much better. I can flame the rest of it out once the tray is finished.

Once I finished the tray I kept finding wholes so I sealed in JB Weld.

The finished tray

The tray looks like hand sewn lether. I like it anyway.

First component complete
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