What The Blue Line Means To Me, Is Rooted In My Faith

When people talk about “the thin blue line”, what they generally refer to is the public support of Law Enforcement.u u

For me and many others the line is referring to the tightrope that every officer has to walk from day to day. Because if we want to see justice we have to walk the edge of breaking the law and representing the law. If we skip to the Left we are no better than the criminals that we arrest.

When the officers in Salem Oregon neglected their oath to up hold the Constitution and fired on peaceful protesters who had every right to be heard by Law Markers, they slipped off that line. I meant what I said to Govenor but I was reined back by my supervisor. Otherwise Kate brown would also be a prisoner waiting to be areined.

Squaring off against the Tyrant who seems to think that destroying Oregon’s economy and putting people out on the street is perfectly acceptable, felt good, but going home that day I had to ask myself, “for who’s glory did I pull that card.” We are America’s Musketeers (Regulators) our oath is not to a king or country but to the people for who the king serves. I was convicted and humbled realizing that I was one order away from slipping from the line.

Ark Angel with one javelin could drop the capital build on the Tyrants head.  The temptation was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I was born hating Democrats and with all the crap that they have put America through over the past four years, … Well let’s just say I am greatful for Natalia in my ear.

A Regulator’s world is Black and White and the line is clearly defined. But as with any job our strength is at a superficial level found in our teammates, but when all is said and done our morality is rooted in the foundation of the Gospel that we all grew up with. In the meantime Christmas was only two days away and I had plans to spend the next 5 days with Natalia and her family. My Dad teases me that I have a girlfriend. The truth is I haven’t been on a date since 2001 when my wife died. But she is important to me. The all are the human half of my thin blue line. Natalia reaffirms my faith in God, my team and even myself, that at the end of the day Captain Anatoliciva will make the right call and hold tight to that blue line.


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