Always Remember What You’re Fighting For.

Today I brought my neighbor’s kid with Hat and Kat to a youth service at Возрождение church. I didn’t stay for the service but as I watched the other young people come into the church, I thought to myself, ” this is what we fight for every night.

A young woman greated me by name before she sat down and I was taken back because outside of a handful of people, I tend to keep to myself.  Катяна and her Mother were concerned because I didn’t say much on the way out. To the car.

“Анатоль что случилось?” Hat asked me what was wrong. I told her, “I was just reminded why we can’t afford to loss this war even though most don’t know that it is being foght.”

Kat wrapped her arms around me and smiled and said, “you do it for us.”

“Да Кат, we do it for you.” unemployment under Obama was over 80% in Vancouver Washington and Obama 2.0 would be 1000x worse. Натталия is more than my boss even more than my best friend. In fact I just put a down payment on an engagement ring. I tought Kat, her daughter to climb, to shoot and even drive, She is the closest thing I will ever have to a daughter of my own. I will be damned to Hell if I didn’t do everything in my power to make sure she doesn’t finish school and enter the work force with a Democrat in office.

This was more than Election Fraud. this was an act of war. My Pastor never heard or read the quote from Thomas Paine that is written on a wall in downtown Vancouver Washington.

If there must be a fight let it be in my generation, so that my children can know peace in there’s.

Thomas Paine

I have been thinking about that quote a lot lately. I only have four payments and the ring is mine to give Hat. But I have all these memories racing through my head not just of my relationship with Hat but also all the memories I have with Kat.

Hat got shot and was in ICU. She asked me to go to her house and make sure her 8 year old daughter was safe. Kat had met me once before and I didn’t think she liked me, but there I was forced to tell a little girl that didn’t know me that I was going to be her baby sitter.

The little hellion did everything aside from set the house on fire to try to chase me away. “почему ты здесь, где мама?” Why are you here? She kept screaming. Where is Mama? My Russian at the time sucked far more than it does now and I promised Hat that I would not tell Kat that Mama was hurt. After about 3 hours of crying and beating me with toys I did something that would define the nature of my relationship with both women for years to come. I went against Hat’s wishes and brought her daughter to see her.

From that point on it was understood that I would not do anything to hurt either of them but I would always protect them. It is hard to believe that that was over 8 years ago and Kat has been a part of my life every day ever since. Her Dad died in the line of duty and Kat started calling me dad  almost from day one. Like you, I fight for what matters most.

In this case the enduring gays of a stepdaughter, and the ability to take care of my family without government assistance and the God given right to do so.


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