Election Fraud and That Covid-19 Was Always A Hoax

Because of a lack confidence in the Election, we are at war with the Democratic Social Terrorists, aka the American Chinese Comunist Party.

The video below is a confession from the Terrorist known as Kate Brow, the Governor of Oregon State. Keep in mind as you watch this, the Democratic Social Terroists wants you to believe that  Trump incited riots. We must make sure that people know the truth.

Trump Singed The Incerection Act and only the people  who are acting on it are a hand full of Regulators. Because we are loyal to our oath to Justice and not to any office.

The Russian word for dog is собака or subaka in english. But this word is also used as a sign of contempt when you call a person собака. In this context the dog has outlived it’s usefulness because it does nothing but consume food and sleep. This is the definition of a Democrat, if you are not a Wolf or a leader of the party, you are собака, a worthless parasite on society who does nothing but eat and sleep.

This is how the Dems in DC like their constituents to behave because they want their back to be dependent on the government. Trump from day one fought this kind of corruption and for that he was met with a nationwide conspiracy to remove him from office. To do so we turned in our badges today.

I have said it before. Regulators are the American version of the Musketeers. Many times in history, the Musketeers had to go underground to go against to authorities to protect the King, sometimes even form himself. Now America needs us to be what the Left will think of as criminals to protect our Republic.

They say that history is written by the victors. But 2020 years ago Rome made a matter out of a Jew named Jesus. Now here is where it gets fun. At the time the authories veiwed his exicution as a victory. But for the next 2020 years the name of Jesus is still widely recognized, while the names of those who executed him are forgotten on the pages of a dusty history. The difference was Jesus lived in truth. While those in power only were only concerned with power and the people they lorded over hated them.

The Dems used Covid-19 to castle there king, but the problem is the only people they deserve is themselves. For government has no power unless the people will it. The people do not will it without God’s will. I find it impossible to believe that God wills for America to fail.

If you like what you read and want to support the cause please like, share and if you can donate. We don’t get paid to do this after Obama 2.0 gets sworn in on 01/20/2021. On that day we will officially be wanted for treason by the Left.


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