Humans Aren’t Biohazards!

It will be a year on February 16th 2021, that we have been locked down due to power hungry Liberal Scum, like Kate Brown and Jay Ensely. When asked why they are still pushing lockdowns they just say because of Covid-19. But we all know better than that!

The chess game for the 2020 Election wasn’t even played well. If it had been no one would have been told, “you already voted.” But the Election is history and Democracy failed yet no one seems to care enough about their own freedom to fight for it, so Biden will be sworn in and the war will be fought in the shadows as it always has been.  But this article is about Covid-19 and how the Left treats us.

To push the illusion of a fake virus killing people the Democrats needed the cooperation of media on both sides as well as international new outlets. No big thing because they are all owned by the same man. But the Left had to also bribe the hospitals to push the illusion of this killer flue that made real flue cases decline to non-existent numbers. If that was not a tell I don’t know what is. Anyway the cooperation from businesses that stood to gain in billions of dollars of revenue would be the clincher for the Demwitted Masses to buy into the transparent propaganda. If there was ever a case against inbreeding it has to be the Democrat Party.

With all of the work that was put into trying to discredit Donald John Trump in his four years in office, this sceam had to work. Rouge-16 had stolen a laptop off of the traitor Pelosi’s deck during a convenient protest at the Capital. Right now I am telling the world the truth behind four years of lies. For remember history is being rewritten to make the Left out the be Heroes. But none is further from the truth.

At first we thought that Nancy Pelosi bought Covid-19 from the Chinese, knowing that for the last 6 general elections we have had a bio-outbreak of some kind. But instead she paid hackers to spread roomers of a new strain of the SARS virus. In her own words, “playing with the minds of the sheep is fun!”

The motive to become the puppet master. Nancy payed Anthony Felchi to add credibility to operation “Castle the King.” She knew who was chosen to run  on the Democrat ticket back in 2018. She also knew that not even the Dems would vote for Biden because he already ran for President 4 time before. And Kamala dropped out of the race because she was rejected by the party.

Once Nancy Pelosi got word that roomers of a Global Pandemic was spreading she knew her plan would work. The next step was to come up with reasons to fear the “China Virus.” It was Nancy who coined the term and every time Trump used it, it was his way of telling her that he knew what was going on. So do we feel minipulated yet?

Nancy’s aid Shawna Atkins came up with social distancing priding herself in being a historian of political rebellion and historic combat, she felt that the best way to keep the people from rebelling, having full knowledge of what Nancy Pelosi had in mind, would be to keep them from communicating with each other.

I am sorry guys, all this time I was telling you that covid was a real virus: but was bought and paid for by Nancy Pelosi, this is not the case it was never real. I repeat “Never Real!”

The lockdowns are a lot more based on financial than anything Pelosi is constituents are companies like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and the big guys like that  So the lockdowns have benefited them greatly. Because people are at home, they’re bored, they’re shopping and and Amazon itself is seeing billions of dollars of revenue! Meanwhile the little mom and pop grocery store down the road is almost out of business. Anybody that actually believes that the Democrat Party has the little guy is back is a fool!

With massive support from China and the EU, Pelosi was able to convince the governors and the people that count the votes to go to “Mailin Voting Only,” in the Democrat States due to a fake virus. Well we know what happened then! But up till now we haven’t actually known what went on before that. This was a coup d’etat that started basically in 2015 Nancy Pelosi organizing with the Democrat leadership of each state emailing back and forth, “this won’t work maybe not but maybe this will,” that kind of stuff. This is probably going to go down in history as the only successful coup that ever was waged without a shot and it makes me sick!

In the meantime, the same techniques had been used on the west coast for decades to insure a Democrat Victory. However, this is the first time the they have willfully and gladly taken civil rights away from the American people all in the name of “Public Safety”!

Trump was right! The Liberal rag Time Magazine published a 20 page article outlining how the election was stolen.

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