If We Loose Our Freedom It Is Because We Gave It To The Enemy!

We have 75 Million American Voters who are rightfully pissed off about the Election Froud, Covid-19 Shout downs, Democrat Hypocrisy and Tyranny. So why are we protesting? Coweredly Democrats Protest. Lazy panhandlers protest, who live off of the taxpayers. Hard-working passionate Conservatives that want to get things done should be willing to die for the things we believe in. I am honored to put myself to the hazard.

So are Patriots really just blow hards that are just all talk? At this point I am ashamed that we didn’t go in shooting on January 6th 2020. We should be considering anyone that supports Biden or any Democrat as a Domestic Threat and a Traitor. It is to late to bitch and whine we have no one to whine too. The courts are bought by the Left it is time for BLOOD!

The Liberal governments are paranoid. Just look at how they have barricaded the capitals. If that isn’t a tell that they know they cheated I don’t know what is.

If you like what you read and want to support the cause please like, share and if you can donate. We don’t get paid to do this after Obama 2.0 gets sworn in on 01/20/2021. On that day we will officially be wanted for treason by the Left.


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