Is The Vaccine The Mark Of The Beast?

Hey guys if Covid-19 is just a scam, which I know it is. That means we must question what the vaccines are really for? There is a lot of talk if people being tracked to the point of not being able to function in society without the vaccine. We hold our phones in our hand. Just saying submitting to the vaccine maybe saying yes to the mark of the beast.

Yesterday “My unit got disbanded after the seating in. I have never been unemployed.” I texted my pastor.

“Wait brother… Say that again… What happened… I think there is a typo.” Looking back there was at least a typo.

“No typo my unit got disbanded because of our Constitutional Jurisdiction. The Dems are afraid of what we might do. So 500 men and women in all 50 are unemployed because we have criminals in office.” That is right America is not a free country anymore.

“Oh no! Oh no! I have tears In my eyes right now for you and for America that I love… This is the way it begins in all because of a cheating criminal in the White House. It’s not funny and I cannot make any jokes… I am so sorry my brother.” My Pastor responded back and I knew that he was not making jokes, because I know that we have in an ally for the cause in him.

We are still keeping to our oath. We just need income to keep up the fight. The Democrats are the largest offenders in regards to human trafficking in our world’s history. So the events of the next few days should not surprise any Pratiot.

“Yes brother… I am not sure what we will do next as patriots… But this phony and false election cannot stand… Joe Biden is not the elected president… It was cheating and no one investigated it… The false impeachment of our president is obvious as well and no one is taking it back… I am so angry brother and now I feel absolutely frustrated hearing that you have been hurt by this… God bless you my friend.”

So many stand in this same foxhole as none of us don’twant to start to rally troops to go to war with our own government, but we have too. We can’t even trust the courts anymore.

“I will be rooting for you every step of the way my friend… This is unjust!”

I responded to my Pastor with: “It is unjust but understandable, it is our job to take back this country by force if needed and they know it!”

“Yes brother and I will be praying… Dear God I pray Lord that you will help these patriots to not only keep their job but to continue on making a difference for so many lives and bringing freedom from human trafficking! These people are absolutely valuable to America. Please God you must intervene. We call upon you to restore these jobs and I asked that you put your hand of blessing upon my friend Anatole… God bless and keep you my brother and may Jesus give you his favor… Amen”

My Pastor only knows the surface of what the Marshal Service went through this week. And the next day it got worse.

“My pilot is being held in jail because she will not disarm the security on our helicopter. Ours is the only one that the secret service can’t shoot down. Carol is a decorated Naval Aviator, yet she is being treated like a terroist. She too needs prayer.” I texted my pastor.

“Oh My…” Pastor responded

Yeah like I said we are sold out to China. Can you imagine a an intercontinental helicopter that doesn’t need to refuel with nuclear capabilities in China’s hands? That was what was diverted by President Donald John Trump’s last act as President of the United States of America to day.

But the events that lead up to Lieutenant Davenports release and the release of Archangel, back into Regulator hands is much more concerning.

To begin with Carol was given a decommissioned Apache helicopter on the day of her retirement from the Navy. It was a gift from the President himself, she holds the title of ownership and not the US Government.

The 2nd Amendment reads

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

2nd Amendment

In other words our pilot was given equal armament to defend against tyranny, namely the corrupt Democrats that stole the election for the government must always be considered the enemy!

So yes it is time to organize and fight back. Stop paying your taxes because an under funded government can’t fight! Anyway I am going to go and see Natalia and Carol because she will be staying with her. God bless stay safe and stay Free or die.

If you like what you read and want to support the cause please like, share and if you can donate. We don’t get paid to do this after Obama 2.0 gets sworn in on 01/20/2021. On that day we will officially be wanted for treason by the Left.


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