One Must Adapt To Overcome Adversity.

From day one the Left has done everything they can to break up the Marshal Service. Mostly because criminality is the nature of a Democrat.

Currently the US Marshal Service only has Federal financial backing for the next four years. The Regulators are independent contractors to the Marshal Service so we do not have to abide by the will of the current administration. We are also the first unit assembled within the ranks us the USMS. One of the most intimidating calls to an outlaw in the days of the Old West must have be men like Wyatt Earp would yell, “Regulators mount up!” Not even the Railroad was protected from what came next.

As it stands to ensure that the USMS is funded enough to do the job they are commissioned with it falls on the Regulators to offer private protection to the enemies of the Left. If the company can afford to pay the money goes to the Men and Women working on the front lines of this historic battle against of good and evil that is being waged in America today.

But even if there is no money available, the first regiment of America’s imperial guard stand true to the words of those who came before us.

We will be chastised and scorned, made out to be no mere than hired guns: but in the traditions of the veterans that came before us, we do this so that others may live. United we will stand on the battlefield. Divided we will fall at our brother’s side, but our oath to or conrad’s and country men will stand true that all will be for one and one for all. May that crest on our shoulders stand forever for justice for all and not the tyranny of the few.

The Oath Of Michael’s legion AKA 2nd REP FFL formerly known as The King’s Musketeers.

If there any question as to why the Regulators adopted this oath for our own, you have not been paying attention. My friend’s America needs us more now than ever. My we fallow in Christ’s footsteps and pray this sacrifice we may have to make will become the salvation of a nation.

Я свободен в крови Иисуса Христа.

Biden sold us out to China. Even the Central Comunist News and Comunist News Network openly admit it.


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