I Had My First Success As An Investor!

Public is a cool app that allows people to by fractions of a share if the price is to high to buy in. I love movie theaters so I bought into AMC not realizing what was going on at the time. I bought in at $4.25 a share and reddit forced the price up to $19.00. I cashed out making enough to pay some bills. I learned later that Reddit is a great source to find trend about what people are buying and why.

With Biden in office, Utilities and Natural Gas prices have gone through the roof! what used to cost $75 a month for both is costing us over $200 and that’s if we don’t use it. It’s winter time. So I am grateful for the he Divine help.

With the Comunists in office we have the go to old cold war forms of communication. As many of you know we have been commissioned with the protection of the person who has started the Reddit string that successfully hurt the deep states financial investments.

The package codenamed “Prizrat” has the tools needed to reclaim the Republic from China’s puppets. We must protect the package and the code at all costs. Today we took Priest to a secure location and the package would be moved outside of the Database so the Traitors at the FBI will not be able to sell the information to the most corrupt liberal. Prizrat has a 14 million dollar price tag. I was lead to believe this was just a prisoner transport.

Guys we must keep God on our side keep praying. We need to continue to look for funding from our Patriot brothers and sisters as well as the companies who under the threat that a Communist rule represents to the last stronghold of freedom left in the world. Please share this blog post and any others that you feel appropriate and help your friends understand the truth behind the attack on American Freedom that started with a fake pandemic, and ended with Nov 3rd 2020.

They say that anyone that supported Trump needs to be reprogrammed or indoctrinated into the Darkside, but the truth is we reject big government, we hate racism and work for true equality, but we see what the Communists are doing and don’t want any part of it.

These days our blog has helped fund the Marshall Service because Human trafficking is the primary purpose of the Democrat Party. They don’t want borders because they don’t want to hire documented workers. If a company doesn’t want to pay a worker that is not here legally they don’t have consequences if they don’t pay the worker. The truth hurts, but there it is.

I know that this blog tends to be negative but that is the nature of the work we do. But I do want to give props to all those wonderful Patriots who have made donations over there last two months, after this Communist administration took our funding.

Last week we broke up 8 sex trafficking networks that have been links to Kate Brown, Jay Ensely & Gavin Newsom. Unfortunately the FBI who’s jurisdiction has holds the chain of custody for the current evidence is as corrupt as the current administration and seems to loose anything that links the unholy Trinity of the Westcoast Govenorship to these crimes.  Like I said time and time the Democrats are the largest organization of criminals in the world.


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