Don’t Give Credit To A Democrat!

Yeah we are opening up. But don’t think for a second that Democrat leadership has anything to do with it. The lockdowns that have lasted for two years are not from Covid as much as power hungry liberals not wanting to give up power.

Make no mistake, the Democrats play like they are in it for the little guy, we should examine their history so we can see through the lies. The reason this blog goes political is because politics directly effects everything in our urbanite lifestyle. Everytime we let a Democrat run things we loose more freedom and the cost of living goes up, thanks to the corruption of the Democrat leaders and their buying vote with money our country doesn’t have.

Urban survival is about common sense, witch is why in a worse case scenario America will be blessed with a lot of dead Liberals. I mean haven’t you noticed that everytime a Democrat raises the minimum wage the Left passes a massive spending bill? In other words, the u.s. currency gets inflated which is a tax on top of the mass-taxes that are going to be pushed on the Rich and only the Rich according to Joe Biden, therein lies the problem! With this spending bill, if the business owners can’t afford the ridiculous taxes that the government that shouldn’t be allowed to exist, is pushed on the Business Owners, the employees get cut back on! So the statement that Joe makes about “not worrying, the taxes are only going to affect the rich,” is total b*******!

Guys politics is all about our basic survival. We must also acknowledge the fact that the small business is being attacked by Washington, or more specifically the Democrat Party. The reason being, good small business has historically been the backbone of resistance toward government when the government claims too much power! So the Democrats are all for big businesses like Amazon and Facebook that have jumped into bed with the Social Terrorists, but the people that actually have friends and family in the impoverished neighborhoods, are targeted to Cripple, because well, it is the small businesses in the past in other countries that have funded the resistance movement, have given supplies, ammunition, food, sleeping bags, you name it, to the people that are fighting against the government and these Democrats know it! Government is always the enemy!

We must also realize that the human trafficking as of November 3rd 2020, have assumed control of the Whitehouse. You see Democrats are never law-abiding citizens. Yet the Left wants people to believe that conservatives are Terrorists? Let’s explore that.

Black Lives Matter, Anti-FA, Occupy, the Neo-Nazi movement, and the Klu Klux Klan, these all have one thing in common. Their members are always Democrats. Now the only groups that the Left accused of being terrorists are the Proud Boyz & Patriot Prayer. Neither one is a hate groups. However they did form as an answer to Democrat oppression.

It is interesting to me that the Dems play, like they are init for the people. Yet under Obama’s tyranny, American had 80% unemployment and under Obama 2.0 other known as Joe Biden, within the first month of his presidency the inferior president who is unduly elected truly eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen. So who’s in it for the people? I don’t think it’s a Democrats! I’m only here to speak the truth and maybe teach you something about survival.

In my adult life I have worked as a black operator, as a U.S. Marshal and even a dishwasher. Which is my current job. Now because I have seen all levels of the American Income Spectrum I think I have a rather clear insight as to whether or not Joe Biden is doing anything for the people.

One more thing that the Left seems to hate is organized faith. Corporate America helps the Left’s agenda by refusing to give you time off on the days that Church is meeting. This is not anything more than restricting like minded people from meeting, because they fear the wrath of the people because they know that the people are not going to put up with their oppression for long.

It may also be important to note that gun control only applies to law abiding citizens and there has never been a Democrat that cares about the law. As a result the odds are good that the Dems will be extremely well armed once the shit hits the fan and it will. They are thinking that the conservatives well obey their fake laws just because they are on paper. Personally I would never use a gun I like explosives and they can’t regulate a knowledge of chemistry.

If you like what you read and want to support the cause please like, share and if you can donate. We don’t get paid to do this after Obama 2.0 gets sworn in on 01/20/2021. On that day we will officially be wanted for treason by the Left.


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